2013 Super Bowl XLVII Commercials Being Kept Under Wraps

Super Bowl commercials have become almost as big as the game. Every year companies vie to have the top, most clever, commercial and to cement its place in commercial history. In recent years, the internet had grown impatient and started … Read More

Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Adriana Lima Sizzles Up Teleflora’s Super Bowl Commercial

Buying flowers has never been this intriguing, but that is exactly what Teleflora wants you to believe this Valentine’s Day. Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Adriana Lima stars in this Super Bowl commercial reminding everyone, “Give and you shall receive”. Check it … Read More

Chevrolet Silverado Super Bowl Commercial – Post Apocalyptic Chevy Lives, Ford Dies

Chevrolet will be featuring 3 ads on Super Bowl Sunday. This particular Chevrolet Super Bowl commercial depicts a post apocalyptic scene where the Mayan 2012 calendar came true. The only survivors were the Chevy Silverado drivers. Check it out: MARKETING … Read More

Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial Preview – All For One Rocky Theme Performed By Alabama Plant Employees

We love the Super Bowl because we are first and foremost sports nuts. But we really love the Super Bowl commercials. As advertisers we love the creative genius that is displayed in this year’s $3.5 million 30 second television spots. … Read More