Apple Is Selling 3,000 iPhones Per Second

We recently wrote an article about the expected sales volume of the iPhone 6s & 6s Plus and with this past weekend being the first weekend the new phones were on sale, Apple is reporting they sold 13 million units. … Read More

Apple Says iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Will Break Sales Record

Every company wants to make a new product look good and be well received, there’s no denying that. There’s also no denying that Apple broke their own sales record of 9 million units sold with 10 million iPhone 6 & … Read More

Uber Tests Discounted Smart Routes

Uber has been a wild success (in most parts of the world). In fact, it is seriously challenging the monopoly of the taxi cab industry. Uber has been creative in their business model and they are always looking for a … Read More

Nokia Sells HERE To Audi-BMW-Mercedes Consortium

If you’ve ever had a Nokia phone, you’ve experienced their fantastic GPS navigation program HERE. It’s such a great application that a consortium of Audi/BMW/Mercedes just purchased it from Nokia for $3 billion. It is believed the HERE mapping system … Read More

Biometric Security – Would You Take A Selfie To Make A Payment With Your Smartphone?

Biometric security has become very important in the last year, especially with the increase in NFC payments with smartphones. Most smartphones require a fingerprint scan to authorize a transaction, but MasterCard is working on the next form of biometric security, … Read More

Instagram Poised To Move To 1080p Resolution

Instagram lives in a 640px world, but apparently, not for long. TechCrunch is reporting that since the latest update to Instagram’s website, they have been allowing for 1080px uploads and though they are not displaying them on phones currently, it … Read More

Amazon Prime Now – One Hour Delivery in NYC & London

Amazon launched “Prime Now,” their one hour delivery last December in Manhattan. It has expanded to Dallas, Baltimore and Miami in the first half of this year. Now, it’s made its way to London. Available in select areas of London, Amazon … Read More

Google Launches News Lab To Help Newsrooms In Reporting

Google launched a new site called “News Lab” this week aimed at helping journalists with their reporting. The site will contain tools for newsrooms, including tutorials and best practices on how to use Google products in reporting, as well as … Read More

Don’t let real-world statistics surprise you in the Board Room – Do your own research and analysis

For years now, we Americans have read on the Internet and watched on the news how India, China and Japan are leading the technology push across the globe. On one hand, I can believe the reports. I see first-hand how … Read More

Social Media Shutdowns and Your Marketing Plan

Have social media websites ever let you down? From time to time when the system is overloaded Twitter will let you know with the Twitter Whale. The Twitter Whale is an image of a whale being carried by the famous … Read More

Facebook’s New Analytics and Facebook Camera Help Your Customer Engagement

In addition to all the Facebook stock drama that has infiltrated the news, one of the most loved social media networks recently added new features to their network and iOS application. The new additions include a feature that alerts brands … Read More

Pinterest Hits 10M Unique Monthly Visitors, becomes 3rd Most Popular Social Community

We have been talking about Pinterest and its effect on business in 2012. We have been talking about the success that Pinterest has been having in social popularity. Now the two paths are crossing – Pinterest is on fire. TechCrunch … Read More