What do your technology priorities look like?

How much thought do you give to your technology projects? Think JASEOFFICE.COM. Software apps should play a major role in your business success. Let’s talk about how. — JASEGROUP.COM KEITHPARNELL.COM — Keith Parnell has been the Chief Executive Officer of … Read More


Technology vs Nostalgia-RSS Feeds vs Newspaper

​I want to read the newspaper; I really do. It’s very nostalgic for me remembering my Father sitting at the breakfast table everyday sharing the news of yesterday. But that’s just it-even today, the newspaper is yesterday’s news. My feedly.com … Read More

Your Dining Room In Your Guest’s Home With JASE Office Online Ordering

This is 2015–we are a world immersed in technology. More people are on mobile devices than computers and that ratio split is growing every day. Your restaurant needs to be able to meet your customers where they are. This includes ordering … Read More

Apple Is Selling 3,000 iPhones Per Second

We recently wrote an article about the expected sales volume of the iPhone 6s & 6s Plus and with this past weekend being the first weekend the new phones were on sale, Apple is reporting they sold 13 million units. … Read More

TV Streaming Companies HBO, Netflix And Amazon Clean Up At Emmy’s

You know we’re in a whole new world of technology when companies like HBO, Netflix and Amazon can stroll into the Primetime Emmys and cleanup against the big boy TV networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. But that’s exactly … Read More

Nokia Sells HERE To Audi-BMW-Mercedes Consortium

If you’ve ever had a Nokia phone, you’ve experienced their fantastic GPS navigation program HERE. It’s such a great application that a consortium of Audi/BMW/Mercedes just purchased it from Nokia for $3 billion. It is believed the HERE mapping system … Read More

Biometric Security – Would You Take A Selfie To Make A Payment With Your Smartphone?

Biometric security has become very important in the last year, especially with the increase in NFC payments with smartphones. Most smartphones require a fingerprint scan to authorize a transaction, but MasterCard is working on the next form of biometric security, … Read More

A Windows 10 Review: Do It!

We downloaded and installed Windows 10 on our home computer a few days ago and haven’t looked back. A 2-1/2 hour install resulted in zero issues, zero bugs, zero lost settings, zero lost documents/photos. All-in-all, a perfect install and now what seems … Read More

Instagram Poised To Move To 1080p Resolution

Instagram lives in a 640px world, but apparently, not for long. TechCrunch is reporting that since the latest update to Instagram’s website, they have been allowing for 1080px uploads and though they are not displaying them on phones currently, it … Read More

Amazon Rolling Out New Online Shopping Feature Called “Stream”

In an a subtle attempt to spice up their shopping interface, Amazon has rolled out “Stream”. It’s designed to give the user a more thumbnailed shopping experience (think Pinterest) and will feature suggested shopping items, including sponsored items. Read the … Read More

Local Artist & JASE Creative Director, Walt Taylor, Talks Sketching, Technology & Zen

Local Artist & JASE Creative Director, Walt Taylor, Talks Sketching, Technology & Zen

Want to get into the psyche of a true artist? In this video Walt talks to WHRO’s The Scene about sketching people, technology, social media, bullies, Virginian-Pilot editorial cartoons, and overall being in his happy place. We love Walt’s happy … Read More

Dilbert: Working Software Today May Not Work Tomorrow

Sticking with our tech theme for the week, does your software solution provider have your best interests at heart? JASE Technology & eBusiness Solutions image credit: dilbert.com

Stuffy Shirt + Gray Suit Innovation & Creativity

We are not naive enough to think that innovative and creative are at the top of the list of every client’s needs. But we are bold enough to make sure innovation and creativity are in every conversation we have with … Read More

The iPhone 5 is Alive, but is your Company’s Smartphone App?

“The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” has finally arrived. After two years of rumors (basically since the iPhone 4 was launched), the iPhone 5 is finally here. Amid the excitement app developers and businesses are scrambling to … Read More

JASE EPR: Patient Portal, Front Office Portal, Clinical Portal – Bringing Efficiency To Your Medical Practice

Our world is constantly evolving into a more digital one. With our advancements in technology we have been allowed the opportunity to maximize our efficiency. JASE EPR is one of those advancements in technology and it can maximize your medical … Read More