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Bad Ads During Commercial Breaks

Have you ever stopped watching a TV show because a channel keeps playing bad ads during the commercial breaks?

30-Second Ad Spot Goes for a Cool $1M During College Football’s National Championship

AdWeek is reporting that Nielsen showed an amazing 18.5 rating for ESPN during the 2015 College Football Championship game between Ohio State University and University of Oregon. To put that number into context, the previous most popular cable television program … Read More

JASE is Hiring! Are you a Creative Designer?

JASE Group is looking for a contracted creative designer with experience in graphic design for web, print and software application projects. Our new designer should have proven creative, technical and communication skills and the ability to manage their own projects … Read More

The Best Super Bowl Television Commercial Ever?

What was your favorite Super Bowl TV commercial? The Budweiser frogs commercial? The Volkswagen Darth Vader commercial? One of the Budweiser clydesdale commercials? A Victoria Secret commercial? Which would you choose? Click here if The Force Volkswagen video is not … Read More

Creative is Our Way of Life

Creative for most people is an adjective. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, creative is defined as, “having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas.” For JASE, creative is a way of life. It is our … Read More

Most Popular Creative Advertising Articles of 2012

Kia Optima Sandman Brings The Dream Car To Reality In This Super Bowl Commercial Kia has reinvented itself with its product line and with its attention grabbing commercials. Kia comes up big again with its Super Bowl commercial for this … Read More

Top 5 Charlotte Inbound Marketing Agency Blog Articles of Last Week – Pinterest vs. Flickr

#CLT – Each week we check our analytics profiles and marketing numbers to see which articles we published that were the most popular for our Charlotte readers. Last week’s top 5 Charlotte Inbound Marketing Agency blog articles focused on Pinterest’s … Read More

Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial Preview – All For One Rocky Theme Performed By Alabama Plant Employees

We love the Super Bowl because we are first and foremost sports nuts. But we really love the Super Bowl commercials. As advertisers we love the creative genius that is displayed in this year’s $3.5 million 30 second television spots. … Read More

Groupon Invades ESPN College Gameday Commercial

As an avid sports fan I am biased, but I think ESPN does a great job with their television commercials. They are able to connect with their target audience just about as well as anyone. ESPN is back at it … Read More