The True Winner of the Super Bowl Ad Race

Over the last few weeks the public has enjoyed commercial that premiered during the Super Bowl on Feb.4. For the past 25 years, USA Today has used an ad meter to determine your favorites and this year’s favorite is the … Read More

USA Today Says Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale Commercial Tops Super Bowl Ad Meter

USA Today has been tracking the top Super Bowl commercials for the last 25 years with their Super Bowl Ad Meter. This year the top ranking commercial was the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale commercial. It featured a touching moment between the Clydesdale … Read More

Where has JASE taken you?

Tide in his Alabama Crimson Tide jersey wishing he was at the football game Newport News, VA Thanks Tide!

Progressive Business Environment – JASE Offices Are “Pet Friendly”

Business practices and ideals are forever changing and that has spilled over into office environment structure. I read an article a few weeks back about Cliff Bar, the manufacturer of the health food bars, and their new state of the … Read More

Where has JASE taken you?

Yes, JASE is a dog lover Bark Park, Hampton, VA Thanks, Tide!