Online Marketing And Social Media Make Identifying Your Target Market More Challenging

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Three’s Company: Tumblr, Flickr and Yahoo! Have Big Plans For The Future

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Attract the Next Generation of Consumers Through Social Media

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From Heads of State to Heads of Companies, Twitter to Dominate Communication in 2013

Twitter is expected to become a de facto communication source for nearly all the world’s leaders in 2013, according to Omar Hijazi, managing partner to Digital Daya. In a recent study released by Digital Daya, the Digital Policy Council found 75 percent … Read More

Americans Spend How Much Time on Social Media?

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Pinterest, My Pinterest, How Can You Help Me, Oh Pinterest?

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Pinterest Hits 10M Unique Monthly Visitors, becomes 3rd Most Popular Social Community

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comScore Reveals Sharing Social Communities Like Pinterest & Tumblr Experience Impressive Growth In Users & Website Traffic In 2011

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