Super Bowl LII Commercial from Bud Light

We can’t recall a Super Bowl without a Bud Light ad, and this year will be no different. The Bud Light Super Bowl LII ad will be the finale of their “Dilly Dilly” trilogy.  The campaign, which was kicked off … Read More

Super Bowl LII Commercial from Avocados From Mexico

Avocados from Mexico is back for the 4th year in a row, here to remind us to eat lots of guacamole. Sticking to the same theme (let’s call it “weird”) as their last two Super Bowl ads, the Avocados from … Read More

Super Bowl LII Commercial from Amazon

Amazon has decided to go big, gambling on a whopping 90-second ad spot in the last quarter of Super Bowl LII. The released a teaser this week, where we learn that – horror of horrors – Alexa has lost her … Read More

Your message is going to be the same

No matter where you’re #marketing, you have to make sure your #message is clear

“Your message is going to be the same whether it’s for a billboard, a TV commercial, a radio commercial, or you’re tweeting, talking on Instagram, or talking to your connections on LinkedIn.“

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Bad Ads During Commercial Breaks

Have you ever stopped watching a TV show because a channel keeps playing bad ads during the commercial breaks?

FS1 TV commercial

Fox Sports 1’s attempt to make commercials bearable for TV watchers

Does this make watching television commercials bearable for you? If you knew that you could see what’s going on between innings in a baseball game or during a time-out in a football game, would this keep you from changing the … Read More

30-Second Ad Spot Goes for a Cool $1M During College Football’s National Championship

AdWeek is reporting that Nielsen showed an amazing 18.5 rating for ESPN during the 2015 College Football Championship game between Ohio State University and University of Oregon. To put that number into context, the previous most popular cable television program … Read More

Is Having A Logo Designed Important To Branding Your Business?

To logo or not to logo? That is the question for many small businesses today. The question is not so much whether to have a logo at all, because every business knows that having a logo is important, but should … Read More

Most Popular Creative Advertising Articles of 2012

Kia Optima Sandman Brings The Dream Car To Reality In This Super Bowl Commercial Kia has reinvented itself with its product line and with its attention grabbing commercials. Kia comes up big again with its Super Bowl commercial for this … Read More

Creative Advertising Separates Your Business From Your Competitors

Creative advertising can often times be the key that separates your business from your competitors. Whether it is a well placed TV ad, a radio spot with a catchy jingle, or a viral social media campaign, creative advertising keeps your … Read More

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing – Huh?

Simply, inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound marketing. Remember the old days of setting up outbound call centers (telemarketing), creating television and radio commercials, and pushing out email blasts to get your word out? Well, that inefficient and expensive … Read More