most expensive domain names is #1. is #10. How much would your domain name sell for?

Top 10 most expensive domain names in history $90M is quite a chunk of change. Where would your domain name fall? #10 Sale Year: 2010. Sale Price: $13 million. #9 Sale Year: 2008. Sale Price: $15 million. #8 Sale Year: 2008. Sale Price: … Read More

2013 Alert: Print Collateral Belongs In Your B2B Marketing Strategy

In the digital world of social media, CMS websites and search engine optimization many will tell you that, in B2B marketing, print collateral’s value has been severely diminished. They will tell you the return on your investment from the cost … Read More

Go Daddy Opens XXX Registration – Will You Register Your XXX Domain for Reputation Management?

Go Daddy sent out this email blast today to announce that they’ve opened registration for .XXX URLs. Will you be registering to ensure your company’s brand does not get into the wrong hands? Look at it this way – … Read More