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5 reasons you should be using video in your marketing strategy

Are you using video on your website? You should be. Here are a few reasons why, beginning with SEO to draw visitors to your kingdom. Video works wonders for SEO. Short video. Long video. Doesn’t matter which. Upload a video … Read More

The Unknown SEO Value Of Social Content – How Sharing Content Socially Can Boost Your SEO Rankings

We have focused several blog articles in the last weeks about Google’s Panda algorithm, specifically about how Panda interprets your content and what you should do to increase your website’s visibility. Since its inception we have talked about social content … Read More

Video Marketing Gives You A Voice To Create Meaningful Conversations

Many consulting agencies have many varying views of video marketing and video blogging. But one thing is for sure – understanding your audience is a must. Are you video blogging for your friends and family? Are you video blogging for … Read More