Hampton Roads Crossing Study

Endorsement of Hampton Roads Crossing Study Option D, build it all approach to relieving transportation congestion

The Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board is looking to formally adopt a solution to help relieve transportation congestion in Hampton Roads. Four options for the Hampton Roads Crossing Study are being considered. In the meantime, the Virginia Department of Transportation will release … Read More

Directions from Norfolk to Richmond

Today’s PSA: VDOT told me to take Rt. 460 to Richmond from Norfolk

I heard a Virginia Department of Transportation commercial on the radio today that encouraged us to not take I-64 from Norfolk to Richmond because of construction delays. VDOT provided Rt. 460 as an alternate route. How odd, I thought. Even … Read More

JASE Attends USDOT’s Networking For Transportation Event At The ODU Business Gateway

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the US Department of Transportation’s Networking For Transportation Event at the ODU Business Gateway. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet with many local businesses and large contractors who work in the transportation … Read More