How to Use the Question Mark in C# & Where to Use the Question Mark in C#

Languages often provide shortcuts for common functions, sometimes called “syntactic sugar” – a reference to how they “sweeten” the syntax and make code easier to code or read.  Today, we’re going to take a look at three shortcuts that involve … Read More

SQL Server Denali CTP 3 New Features – Project Crescent, IIF Function, CHOOSE Function

The third community technology preview, or “CTP” of SQL Server Denali was made available for download last week.  It is available for download from Microsoft at According to Microsoft’s blog, this new version now contains all of the features … Read More

Coding Standards Holy Wars – Do You Want To Get In The Middle Of This?

When writing source code, it is important to use consistent styles of formatting and variable names.  We call these “coding standards”.  Use of consistent styles within an organization results in code being more easily maintained and more readily reused. Everyone … Read More

Proper Exception Handling in .NET

When an error occurs in your application, it creates an “exception” – a disruption to the normal course of execution of the program.  Most modern languages support a way to handle these exceptions – in .NET, there are three portions … Read More

Creating a Single-Instance Application in C#

In Visual Basic, there is a checkbox on the application settings form for “Make single instance application”.  If this checkbox is checked, then subsequent attempts to launch your application are ignored. If you hit the “View Application Events” button, you … Read More

Efficiencies of Making Functions & Objects Orthogonal

In programming, a function or construct is said to be “orthogonal” if its behavior does not depend on the context.  For example consider the equal operator in Visual Basic.  It can be used for comparison or assignment, depending on the … Read More

VB Livin’ in a C# World

A favorite college professor, when asked why programming classes were taught predominantly in C++ instead of Visual Basic, would reply, “C++ is a language for adults.”  Though perhaps indelicately stated, the thought was not without merit.  Not only is C++ … Read More

C# Dynamic Type – Just Because It Compiles Doesn’t Mean It’s Right

One of the least appealing features of BASIC was that it was a weakly typed language.  “Weak typing” or “informal” typing means that the language lacks restrictions on declaring variables or that the language will implicitly convert variables behind the … Read More

Looking for Software Development or Custom Application Build Help?

JASE offers web application programming expertise in building enterprise solutions for inventory control, shipping processes, Intranet and Extranet portals, eCommerce websites, secured transactions and communication, scheduling, or customer satisfaction tracking.  You name it – the JASE team can build it to … Read More