JASE Healthcare Websites Allow Electronic Payments For Medical Patients

Convenience is a necessity for consumers today. They do not have the time in their lives that they once had. The same can be said for patients. One way to increase convenience for patients is for a medical practice to … Read More

JASE EPR Patient Portal Waiting Room Kiosk Speeds Up Patient Check-In

With JASE EPR’s Patient Portal waiting room kiosk, a medical practice has the ability to speed up patient check-in and increase patient services. The waiting room kiosk allows patients to complete a variety of tasks when they arrive to your … Read More

Give Your Patients The Access They Need with the JASE EPR Patient Portal

Processing new medical patients? Looking up insurance information? Exploring personal health history? Needing electronic patient bill payments? Having patients fill out medical and insurance forms before arriving for their visit to your medical office will result in cost savings and … Read More