.NET Code Obfuscation

One of the key features of the .NET is that assemblies (a fancy name for DLLs and EXEs) created in a .NET language are compiled to an intermediate step and use a common language runtime, or CLR, rather than being … Read More

Efficiency Still Counts – Code Efficiency & Creative Efficiency

When I was in school, the question was often asked, “does spelling count?”  The implication was that the purpose of the particular class was to learn some other subject and therefore use of proper English was not necessary. Sometimes I … Read More

Looking for Software Development or Custom Application Build Help?

JASE offers web application programming expertise in building enterprise solutions for inventory control, shipping processes, Intranet and Extranet portals, eCommerce websites, secured transactions and communication, scheduling, or customer satisfaction tracking.  You name it – the JASE team can build it to … Read More