An Open Letter to Will Christopher, President of Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance

I hear you, Will Christopher, fighting for the economy in Hampton Roads, public transportation, light rail, and progressive citizens everywhere. I feel your energy. I’ve got your back.

Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, Mar 9-15

Happy hump day friends. My apologies for being a bit late with our weekly recap. We’ve been dealing with a tough illness in Nicole’s family the last few days, so I’ve been a bit out of the loop. If I … Read More

JASE CEO Joins Dignitaries and Senate Members to Launch First Passenger Rail Service Connecting Norfolk to East Coast Cities Since 1977

JASE Group dignitaries were selected to ride the first Amtrak train from Norfolk, VA to Washington, D.C. since 1977. NORFOLK VA & WASHINGTON DC, DECEMBER 12, 2012: Today, JASE Group LLC ( CEO, Keith Parnell, joined officials and dignitaries from … Read More