Silverlight, Flash and the Future of HTML5

Silverlight 5 was released last week.  It has a number of new features, the most interesting of which by far is the 3-D engine. Another useful control is the PivotViewer – a class for displaying large amounts of data to … Read More

Exploring the Windows 8 Preview – Metro Touch Screen Interface, Visual Studio & XAML Applications

Several weeks ago, Microsoft released a developer preview of Windows 8.  They provide three versions – a 64-bit version with Visual Studio, as well as 64-bit and 32-bit versions without Visual Studio.  As of right now, Windows 8 does not … Read More

What ever happened to XBAP?

When Microsoft released Windows Vista and its new Windows Presentation Foundation, XAML Browser applications, or XBAPs, were highly touted as answering a major dilemma for enterprise-level systems.  When creating software for use in an environment with more than a few … Read More