Top 5 Norfolk Inbound Marketing Agency Blog Articles of Last Week – Zynga Separates from Facebook

#HRVA – Each week we check our analytics profiles and marketing numbers to see which articles we published that were the most popular for our Norfolk readers. Last week’s top 5 Norfolk Inbound Marketing Agency blog articles focused on Zynga … Read More

Zynga Reveals New, Separate From Facebook. Investors Applaud. Stock Soars.

Social gaming company, Zynga, has struggled in its time on the public market. Outside of the spike it received when Facebook went public, it has been a less then stellar performer. The reason for the struggle has been credited to, … Read More

Gaming Giant Zynga Saw Its Market Cap Climb Over $1 Billion The Day After Facebook’s IPO

Social media gaming giant Zynga went public in 2011 and in the months following saw moderate success. But just 1 day after Facebook went public, everything changed for Zynga. In the 24hrs following Facebook filing for its IPO and after … Read More

When Will Facebook Make Its IPO? Or Is The Better Question, Why Would Facebook Make An IPO?

It is being reported widely that it is only a matter of time before Facebook will go public. The latest news coming about is that Facebook will raise $10 billion before its IPO to raise its valuation to $100 billion. … Read More

1 Hour, 35 Minutes – How Are Tablet Users Spending Their Time

I have been pouring over the Pew Research Study just released on tablet usage in the U.S. to better understand how we at JASE should adjust ours/our clients marketing strategies. The data collected in the report has been interesting to … Read More

Social Gaming Giant Zynga Set To Make IPO November 28th

The much anticipated IPO for social gaming giant Zynga has finally been set, according to a report.The report states that Zynga’s IPO is set for November 28th, a result of the up and down stock markets.Zynga’s positioning of its IPO … Read More

LinkedIn IPO Spreads Its Wings – Does Social Media Marketing Now Fit For Your Small Business?

LinkedIn went public yesterday with huge anticipation for it’s early results from its IPO. There was a lot of speculation as to exactly how the market would react to LinkedIn’s initial public offering, primarily to serve as a barometer for … Read More