JASE Restaurant Marketing System

Gone is the day of paying for multiple services to manage your restaurant. Paying Yelp for this and OpenTable for that and ChowNow for something else is tedious, time consuming and inefficient. Not to mention all the logins and passwords and different systems to get used to. That’s where we come in.

With the JASE Office Restaurant system of apps, we can give you all the apps you need to effectively and efficiently run your restaurant. Now you can manage your reservations, in-house guest management, online ordering, and more from your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Also, we’re introducing our new Guest Comments App which allows you to get guest feedback at the most opportune time, when you hand them the check in the restaurant. Our easy-to-use tablets will let your guests leave reviews of their experience and give you the opportunity to easily post them to your website and social media pages.

Your restaurant, run from one place. It’s about time!

Visit us here to sign up today!

More details on the Reservations & Guest Management App

More details on the Guest Comments App

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