Do you know where your potential customers are in the sales process? Do you know what content to give potential customers to move them along in the sales process?

Targeting potential customers in each step of the sales process will increase customer attraction to your product

Knowing where your potential customers are and what content to supply them with at each point in the sales funnel increases the chance you will convert that lead into a sale. A prominent example of this methodology would be a potential customer that is new to your product and looking for more information about your product. If you greet them with content that is designed for a consumer that is ready to purchase your product, it could be a potential turn-off.

Leads are valuable and, in some cases, may be expensive to obtain. Your marketing efforts must be targeted to strike at the right opportunity. That lead nurturing of the consumer through the sales process will increase the trust in your company and product and will ultimately increase the likelihood they purchase your product.

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