59% Of Tablet Users Get Their News On Their Tablet - Not Print Media

The way people gather news is continuing to shift. Now that tablet computers are becoming more and more a household item, people’s need to get their news from television, magazines, or newspapers are decreasing.

According the Pew Research Center study released on tablet owners and usage; 59% of tablet users say the tablet replaces what they used to get from a print newspaper or magazine. 57% of tablet news users say that the tablet replaces what they used to get from television news. Logic stands to reason that as tablets become cheaper and as the are out on the market longer and longer, people will continue to purchase tablets and use them as their primary news medium.


Effective market analysis will be vital for successful advertising campaigns. Know your target demographic and which mediums they use to receive their information. Just because there is a movement to tablet computers does not mean, for you and your target demographic, that print media is obsolete. A business’ failure to do proper analysis, however, could be detrimental to a its marketing success, as they could alienate themselves from a potential marketing segment.

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image credit: DavidErickson on flickr

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