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I have found the JASE Group to be great to work with. Their skill set, their ability to recognize the problem and resolve it quickly and their willingness to work with folks that are not computer savvy all make my job so much easier. The first year I just learned how to use the many different parts of our web site. The second year I was able to request changes and talk about better ways to do the things we needed on our end. In today's world anyone can create a web site. In order for it to be useful, productive and easy, the host is required to understand the client, their wants and needs. This is where the JASE Group has excelled. Keith Parnell and his team have worked very hard to promote Central Virginia ASA by working closely with the Commissioner, the staff, the umpires and everyone else. One could not ask for a better group to partner with. Central Virginia ASA will continue to use the JASE Group as we grow and expand our services to softball teams, players, umpires and others throughout Central Virginia.
Julie PollardCentral Virginia ASA
I wanted to express my appreciation for the flawless transition of our new email hosting. I was apprehensive of the process as having no communication would be difficult, at best, during the business week. I was pleasantly surprised that after only 30 minutes, everything was running and without delay. I will be contacting you in the near future to discuss your web site services and am confident that procedure and execution will go as smoothly. A business associate referred me to your company and I will also be referring you to others as the competence and professionalism your company displays is difficult to find in today's market.
Mary HealdCovington & Associates
DHF Contractors, Inc. / DennyCorp has had a working relationship with JASE Group since 2001 and I couldn't be more pleased. JASE Group has provided my company with their experience and that knowledge has assisted my company in growing in this ever advancing technological world. JASE Group has constructed websites for my companies as well as DHF Softball, and has continued maintaining and upgrading these sites to visually compete with today's market. Recently, upon opening their new technical support division, JASEtech, I was excited to rely on the JASE Group for this service as well. I am confident that my computers will be maintained or repaired by competent professionals in a timely manner. I can rely on their knowledge and recommendations for new software, printers and computers. Knowing JASE is on the job makes me able to do mine with confidence!
Dennis FulghamDHF Contractors, Inc. / DennyCorp
JASE Group was recommended to me by a good friend of mine from optometry school. I had the opportunity to see the type of the work that they had done for him and was very impressed. My biggest concern with setting up a website was how much work would I have to do and how much time would I have to spend with this process. JASE Group collected my information and did the rest on their own, pausing along the way to ensure that I was pleased. Once the website was complete, JASE Group has always been readily available when I have had questions or wanted to make changes to my website. From day one, I have been blown away by JASE Group's professionalism, attention to detail, attentiveness to their clients, and their ability to put forth such a quality product. I would not hesitate to recommend JASE Group to any friend, any patient, or any other business owner.
Dr. Brad DrakeDrake Eye Center
JASE Group has been tremendous in helping me create and design my website. The staff could not have been more cooperative, professional, and friendly. They took the time to listen to my ideas and build a nice, professional website that looks better than I would have ever imagined. Although I know JASE Group was juggling many projects at once, I felt as if I were the only client they were dealing with. That personal touch means so much in a business relationship. I look forward to continuing this relationship with JASE Group for years to come.
R. Griff Gordy, O.D.Gordy Eye Care
Working with JASE has moved the correspondence and communication facet of the Granby High School Varsity baseball program to the highest possible level. As the head coach of a successful program, I want our program well represented and supported in the informational community, but have little time or skill to perform to an exceptional level myself. JASE provides top our visitors with an aesthetically pleasing website which is both easy to navigate and quick to deliver our most recent news. Several scouts have contacted me after already having full and accurate knowledge of a players performance this season thanks to the quick and reliable systems in place at JASE. I cannot even begin to guess the number of compliments I have gotten on this website! Many coaches of baseball oriented high schools from up north have contacted me to schedule games next year based on searching online for Tidewater high school baseball programs and stumbling upon our website. They have all remarked on the quality of the site, and I am certain they would not have had the opportunity or desire to make contact with us if we did not have our JASE partnership. The players love the site, and have suggested some ideas they wish to contribute next year, and I know that the JASE group will be eager to work with us on personalizing this site even more! Now that I have experienced what they have to offer, I realize the benefits of our JASE partnership go far beyond what I originally anticipated. It is truly a necessity to promote a growing organization.
Robert ButlerGranby High School
JASE Group has provided excellent guidance and support during the development and implementation of our website. They made what initially appeared to be a daunting task an effortless process. We supplied the needed information in response to their guided requests which resulted in a beautiful, informative, and educational website. Our patients frequently comment on the website both in ease of use, as well as having found our office because of it. Thanks to JASE for their excellent and professional service!
Karla MuroHampton Mental Health Associates
JASE has what we need in expertise and experience. We are excited to move into a new area for us. We are relying on JASE to lead and advise to make us successful.
Bill UnderwoodHercules Windows
The needs of Keep Norfolk Beautiful and the residents we serve had grown beyond the abilities of our previous website. We needed to upgrade to a site that was more visually motivating, could offer more user-friendly functions for our visitors, and be managed by staff to provide up-to-the-minute information. One example is our news page. The management is much simpler, and provides us the ability to embed images and include hyperlinks, which was not possible in our previous site. Though this may seem like a small change, it has given us the ability to link our visitors to a wider array of information options, expanding our ability to provide them the direction or information for which they are searching. Working with JASE has afforded Keep Norfolk Beautiful the ability to serve residents in a more efficient and effective manner. The staff of Keep Norfolk Beautiful has learned much through the experience and will carry that with them in future developments. We are very happy with how well our new website is working for us.
Holly CarsonKeep Norfolk Beautiful / Norfolk Environmental Commission
I started a small business only a few months ago called Mark Pressed4Time. JASE Group built my website so my customers could learn more about my services. I did not realize the value of having a website until customers began to contact me through a Google or Yahoo web search. I am now on the first page when people Google terms relevant to me in my local area. Thank you JASE Group for your hard work.
Mark ParnellMark Pressed4Time
Anyone considering developing a new website should seriously consider what JASE Group can do for you. Having been a Realtor for 17 years with several websites along the way (my first was a self-made one page AOL site 1995) I was fortunate to discover Keith Parnell and his team of experts who create my NorfolkNavyHomes.com site for me last year. I'm confident sending my clients to this site which works flawlessly and the design is extremely user friendly. Highly recommend talking with JASE Group when the need for a professional website is on the horizon. You'll be glad you did.
John BergerNorfolk Navy Homes
JASE Group is unique in that it offers a multi-media approach to your business needs. In the new Social Network Age they have the ability to communicate with our public and media outlets from an intense database of effective communication tools. JASE brings you an experienced Public Relations component so necessary to reach top media exposure. In addition to supporting constant PR needs, JASE's marketing and graphics teams are experienced in daily needs such as presentations materials, copywriting, editing all in a creative manner. JASE is the perfect one-stop-shop for all of your business' communications needs including television commercial production, radio commercials and media interview scripts - all tools needed to promote and grow your business. JASE's team works with you to maximize your limited dollars to accomplish your business goals. As a result, RWA is a moniker that in one year's time has become known locally, nationally, and yes, internationally thanks to the hard work of the team at JASE. I don't know of another company that has all of these features under one roof that works as hard as they do for my needs. Like myself, make a wise decision and team with the JASE Group.
W. Randy WrightRandy Wright & Associates
Recently I came to JASE for help in establishing a website for my small video production company. After three failed attempts at starting a website through friends, I desperately needed help finding the right ingredients to make my site work. When I sat down, they showed me a model site for videographers. It was a perfect fit for my needs, and I asked why had no one shown me this before? They then proceeded to work on all the technical aspects of my website which were far beyond anything I could have done myself. They then helped train me to manage the site myself, complete with how to blog, and import photos and video. I am grateful that they created order out of the confusion, and now I no longer flounder on the dock, but can swim in the vast ocean of the internet.
Randall ThorntonPoco Productions
About two years ago, I decided it was time to update my archaic website, searshomes.org. My world is books, not websites, and I'd heard that website creation was expensive, and I didn't have any idea who to turn to, so I asked a few people in my neighborhood who they might recommend, and that's how I first heard of Keith Parnell and JASE Group. Keith and I had our first meeting at a small coffee shop in Norfolk and within moments of meeting him, I knew he was the man for the job. I was so impressed with his professionalism and intellect and confidence and clarity. A few days later, as promised, he'd emailed me several ideas for the website, and they were all visually interesting, intriguing and very attractive. Throughout the process of creating this new website, I was continually dazzled and impressed by this company's competence and capability and creative insight. Keith and his staff possess a plethora of rare, hard-to-find qualities, including honesty, thoroughness, discernment, sagacity, perspicacity and attention to detail. I could go on and on about all the good qualities I saw in these people. Today, I am the very proud owner of a website that has been visited more than 200,000 times. It's a website that I am truly proud of, and pleased with, and I would highly recommend Keith Parnell and his company, JASE Group. In a world where mediocrity reigns, and where “ownership mentality” seems to be a quaint, old-fashioned notion, JASE group is a refreshing contrast, and from what I've seen, it's a company full of people who work tirelessly to put out a first-class, error-free, professional product. As my business expands and grows, I will turn again to JASE group for their guidance and help. I couldn't be more pleased with this firm.
Rosemary Thornton RingerAuthor, The Houses That Sears Built
It has been a pleasure doing business with you over the last six years. When our companies began talking six years ago Tidewater Virginia ASA had no presence in the web technology market. The website we did have was one dimensional and was very poor in design. The previous web host designed it from a free web site and it did not meet any of our needs. From the earliest meeting your company understood what we were looking for you guided us through numerous designs until the perfect design was presented to us. You listened to our needs and designed our web tools so that they were not only the best available but also very user friendly to my Staff. Each year that we meet to discuss the renewal of our web technologies contract I am impressed at the recommendations and improvements that you have already prepared for me. Your company's knowledge of the Web solutions industry is second to none. You have always suggested an improvement or new design and then explained precisely why it is needed and how it will add to my company's marketability. The proof is not in my words but in the ever increasing number of hits that my website receives on a daily basis. We are now approaching another contract negotiation and unlike other contracts I deal with I actually look forward to sitting down with you to discuss your plans for my company. I know that we do not always agree on every suggestion but I know that your company has my company's best interest in mind. So as we approach our seven year mark I wanted to write this letter to thank you and praise Jase Group, LLC for all that you do for Tidewater Virginia ASA. I look forward to many more years together.
Archie ParksTidewater VA ASA
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