There is still a place in the business world for traditional print media. Depending on your industry, your target demographic may respond well to print media. In the B2B marketing world, traditional advertising can be a more effective part of your marketing strategy than one might think. More specifically, direct mailers can be valuable in a B2B strategy for several reasons.

Why direct mailers work in the B2B world

  • Brand Exposure – Having a website professionally designed and printing company shirts are some of the more common ways your business can build its brand. For your business to truly grow its brand, your brand growth strategy must encompass every possible aspect of your daily operations, not just special targeted opportunities. Direct mailers bring your brand to your target audience’s doorstep, literally. This creates the opportunity to generate business for your company.
  • Targeting In The Sales Funnel – Knowing where your potential customers are and what content to supply them with at each point in the sales funnel increases the chance you will convert that lead into a sale. Making a new contact at a networking event and following up with a direct mailer is a great way to keep your name in their minds and reinforce your company’s capabilities.
  • Announcements – Have a new product or service? Have a new special? Direct mailers are a great way to announce your new service or special while providing more detailed information.
  • Reaching Your Target Where They Are – In the B2B world, it’s possible your target audience doesn’t check their social communities to see your business’ Facebook post or latest tweet. They may not use the Internet to search until they get home at the end of the day, possibly missing your pay-per-click ad. Direct mailers allow you to reach your target audience where they are, at work.

JASE’s direct mailer inbound marketing takeaway
JASE has been able to include traditional advertising into our inbound marketing strategy to maximize the ROI on direct mailers. We infuse our inbound marketing strategy with traditional marketing in how we create measurable online tactics with your direct mailer. The direct mailer with just a phone number creates challenges with determining how effective the campaign performs. Take that same direct mailer and incorporate a dedicated landing page URL, or a QR code, or both – now you can measure the effectiveness of that direct mailer.

Direct mailers are still a viable marketing tool in the B2B world. A complete marketing strategy targeting your B2B audience will help ensure you capture their attention and create opportunities for your business. Stay tuned to the JASE blog as we continue our B2B series when we look at industry publications, coming next week.

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