For B2B marketers building strong contacts and professional relationships are key to successfully executing marketing campaigns.  In the age of social media, many B2B marketers have found tremendous success in using social media as an avenue to reach their target audience. The social media platform LinkedIn is a great resource for B2B marketers to tap into their professional network and maximize relationships with other organizations. For B2B marketers in the early stages of launching a LinkedIn social media strategy, JASE Group suggests starting with three key areas: employee personal profiles, company pages and industry groups.

Use Your Employees As Spokespeople

Your employees’ LinkedIn profiles have the potential to be more than just a resume, it is an opportunity to frame your organization’s story in your employees’ voices. Employee profiles should be complete and incorporate industry specific keywords to maximize searchability. When developing a profile, the individual should also take the opportunity to customize their LinkedIn profile link. LinkedIn automatically defaults to a link that includes letters and numbers, which may be confusing for people. Through status updates, your employees can also share interesting tidbits about the company,  feeds to the organization’s social media platforms and  related industry tips. Employees should also use LinkedIn as an opportunity to connect with contacts after an initial meeting to maintain interaction for future engagement.

 Company Pages Are An Opportunity to Tell Your Story

Your company’s page may have already been established by LinkedIn, however you can define it with your brand’s information. Focus on  developing a company description that not only explains who your company is, but sells your company’s services to other potential clients. When developing content to share on the page, focus on exploring industry trends and information which highlights your company’s knowledge and extensive skill base.

 Join a Group

Active LinkedIn groups can be a great resource for B2B marketing. Group participants have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry. Not only can group participants share resources and ideas, but groups are also one more avenue to share feeds for the organization’s other social media platforms. However, content sharing should be authentic and relate to the group’s topic or interest area.

Is your company effectively using LinkedIn as a B2B marketing platform? As a leading inbound marketing firm, JASE Group provides B2B content marketing services. Contact us to launch your next B2B content marketing campaign. 

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