Have you ever received an email from a Facebook friend claiming to be stranded out of the country and in need of financial assistance to get them home? After checking their Facebook page you confirm they’re out of the country, but something about the request still seems off. More than likely, it’s a scam.

The Internet and social media sites offer so many advantages to small business and private users, but with that comes some downfalls, and Internet scams are a big one. Luckily, the Better Business Bureau is on the case and offers Scam Source; a resource with a list of different scams going on across the country.  The BBB also created a list is of the Top 10 Scams in 2011. Here is a couple that you may recognize:

Top Job Scam: Targets anyone looking for a job

Email sent from a professional website, offers a phone interview; they tell you the job is yours if you fill out an online credit form. Now the scammer has all your information and can steal your identity.

Top Sweepstakes and Lottery Scam: Targets social networking site users

An online pitch tells you that Facebook Founder wants to give you $1 million. After clicking on the link the scammers can see all of your personal information and friends. They can use this information to steal your identity.

Have you or your business been affected by any of these scams? Let JASE know on our Facebook page and be sure to check out the BBB’s Scam Source. Help others avoid these scams and share with friends and family. 

Say No to Nigerian Scamimage credit: B Rosen on flickr

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