Keep Norfolk BeautifulIn a story that Adweek ran recently, shoppers indicated that while green sentiments are important, those sentiments do not carry through to their wallets.

What does this mean to green-product advertisers? Are we not doing a good job of conveying the benefits of green products? Or are the green products just not available to those looking for them?

NEW YORK – Shoppers are thinking green, but not always buying that way, according to a new study released by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and Deloitte.

The study found that while 54 percent of shoppers indicated that environmental sustainability is a factor in their purchasing decisions, they actually bought green products on just 22 percent of their shopping trips. The survey is the basis of the GMA-Deloitte report released today titled “Finding the Green in Today’s Shoppers: Sustainability Trends and New Shopper Insights” and was based on interviews with over 6,400 shoppers.

The study found that an interest in buying green extended across all age, income and education levels, with 95 percent of respondents open to considering sustainable products, and 67 percent of shoppers actively looking for them when buying. Yet only 47 percent actually found green products and just 22 percent actually purchased them.

Get the full story from Adweek here.

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