As we continue to look at the evolving world of media, let’s continue our evaluation of the changes in the print industry. As previously mentioned, the future of newspapers is dim, but there are other major news sources available from the print industry.

Recently, an article from Apple Insider revealed the revamped New York magazine for the iPad. While the magazine has offered an iPad edition for years, the upgrade highlights the efforts of major magazines and other print publications to advance in the evolution of online publications.

Since the iPad was first released and the use and production of tablets and e-readers has increased, magazines have worked on perfecting content for digital magazines.

The content available online varies, often significantly, from what’s available in print publications. Content creators are able to take flat articles from print magazines and expand on them with the help of the internet and all the digital world has to offer.

The idea of additional content available online appeals to readers that may still be interested in print editions. For example, New York magazine is celebrating their 45-year anniversary. The magazine offers a print and digital option for subscribers. For many, the innovative and creative design of the magazine makes the print version desirable.

The new layout will intrigue an expanding demographic. Like New York magazine, many publications are dealing with meeting the needs of an expanded demographic. Subscribers who have always enjoyed the print version of popular magazines may be interested in the additional perks of online content.

Content is being created and through the creative efforts of content managers, more digital magazines are available to readers. The next major issue addressed in this series will be creative advertising. Continue to follow the JASE blog as we discuss advertising in the digital age.

image credit: by blackbiscuits on Flickr

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