Recently we had the opportunity to attend the “Stand Up 4 Transportation” rally at the Downtown Newport News HRT Transfer Station. There were many local and state dignitaries in attendance as well as other prominent business owners and community figures.

This was an important event for JASE because our team has been, for some time now, huge advocates for better, more affordable, public transportation in Hampton Roads. If we ever have hopes of seeing the true potential of the Hampton Roads economy, we must work to create a transportation solution that effectively and efficiently connects all of our great cities.

The major impact of this rally was to bring awareness to the fact that without sustained long term federal funding we could see 145 bridges, 59 transit systems cease to function normally, and over 340 other transportation projects be tabled in FY2016. Rep. Bobby Scott said the United States would need to invest approximately $3.6 trillion into infrastructure by 2020 to make sure transportation is covered. Congressman Scott went on to say we have the money; it’s now a matter of whether it’s a priority.

So when we had a chance to support this great cause, we were there.

Stand Up 4 Transportation Speakers included:

  • William Harrell, CEO, Hampton Roads Transit
  • McKinley Price, Mayor, City of Newport News
  • Bob Fallon, Director of Facilities and Waterfront Support, Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Aubrey Layne, Virginia Secretary of Transportation
  • Rep. Bobby Scott, U.S. Congress
VA Secretary of Transportation - Aubrey Layne - Stand Up 4 Transportation Rally 2015-04-09

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