pay per clickWe have spent the better part of the last few weeks researching, studying analytics, talking with one of our valued clients, and determining the best course of action for a steadily decreasing PPC campaign on Facebook.

Pay-per-click is a funny animal. These search engine marketing campaigns need constant attention to updated quality content, keyword refinements, demographic targeting, landing page efficiency and results analysis.

Yesterday we made the decision to move a client’s funds from Facebook pay-per-click to Bing / Yahoo! pay-per-click. And honestly, for their industry, this was a tough but good decision. Google PPC is working great for them. The Bing / Yahoo! advertising partnership will also work great for them.

The Facebook PPC ads were solid for many months but have run their course. Impressions were down. Clickthroughs were down. Conversion rates were down. No matter what configuration and setup changes were made, performance no longer was on the increase. And, again, honestly, Facebook ads never came close to sales conversion efficiency like Google ads. Not for this client, in their particular industry. A quick potential customer observation told us that Google search clickers were much more serious buyers than Facebook clickers. A tough but true fact.

The lesson told here is that search engine marketing requires a professional to be as efficient as possible. Constant attention is demanded and PPC experience is a must. Don’t be left out in the cold with your hard-earned dollar dumping in the money pit. Let us show you how search engine marketing and pay-per-click can work for you – specifically for YOUR business in YOUR industry.

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