Content, content and more content! Content marketing is what drives today’s search engines, but it is also one of the factors that helps breed consumer confidence and brand loyalty. We are in the age of the smarter shopper, a shopper who does online research before spending their hard earned money. Businesses that create and distribute quality, helpful content to their readers are able to display their qualifications and capabilities. That demonstration, in-turn, breeds consumer confidence in that business’ ability to deliver on their product or service and helps to establish them as a trustworthy reference for all things related to their industry.

Nowhere is this more prominent than in the B2B world. While traditional outbound marketing strategies have been used in B2B marketing for decades, it has been primarily a branding strategy. The major driving force behind B2B marketing has always been and will always be content marketing. One of the best forums for B2B marketers to take advantage of content marketing is industry publications.

Industry publications are trusted resources for businesses, providing expert opinion and strategy on topics within their industry. Many people feel that blogs and other social online forums have superseded industry publications, but while blogs and social media are valuable tools in B2B marketing, there is still a place for industry publications. Not every industry leader and decision maker is online and reading blogs or social media posts. It is better to make sure a business covers all its bases when it comes to B2B marketing. Why not generate as much exposure as you can?

Some will argue, but JASE believes that industry publications will be around long into the future. Potential business partners still turn to industry publications for referrals on the newest insights or industry strategies. If a business is active in creating content for these publications, opportunities will increase for potential partners to contact them. A B2B marketing strategy should be well-rounded and encompass many different mediums to reach potential customers. Industry publications should play just as large a role in a B2B marketing strategy as any other facet.

Stay tuned to the JASE blog as we continue next week with our B2B marketing series and cover strategies behind using print collateral.

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