Hampton Roads Come Support The Tide Light Rail - Ride Free All Week

The light rail transit known as The Tide opened this past Friday, August 19th at 6am in Norfolk to much awaited fanfare. Suffice it to say the Tide did not disappoint, as an estimated 30,000 passengers rode The Tide on Friday, keeping its cars packed all day long.

Riders came from far and wide to catch a ride and because of this overwhelming support, Norfolk’s City Mayor Paul Fraim declared that the free rides will continue all week long to give every supporter a chance to ride for free.

More information for the Tide is located below:

Tide Light Rail Stops

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday  6am-11pm
Friday-Saturday  6am-Midnight
Sunday  11am-9pm
Holidays  11am-9pm

Light Rail Fare-1 Ride  $1.50
Bus Fare-1 Ride  $1.50
Go 1-Day Pass $3.50
Go 1-Day Bundle of 5  $16.50
GO 7-day pass  $17.00
GO 30-day pass  $50.00

Park and Ride
The Tide offers four Park and Ride locations with 779 parking spaces for vehicles. Parking is free.
All Park and Rides are monitored by security officers. No overnight parking is permitted. Cars left in lots after the end of HRT’s service day will be ticketed or towed.

The Tide Park and Ride stations are:
Harbor Park Station (176 spaces dedicated to light rail patrons of The Tide)
Ballentine/Broad Creek Station (105 spaces)
Military Highway Station (232 spaces)
Newtown Road Station (266 spaces)

Come on out and support the Tide and ride for free all week. Support Hampton Roads and our continued economic and transportation development. More information about public transportation in Hampton Roads can be found on the Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance website.

JASE Digital Media is a proud supporter of The Tide Light Rail System and all it can and will do for the Hampton Roads area. What do you think of the Tide? Tweet us @jasegroup and let us know.

image credit: VaDOT on flickr

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