In our online marketing world we see website designs run the gamut of good and bad. Some are cheesy – Some are very creative. One thing is for sure, bad web design can have a devastating impact on a small business. The psyche of a potential customer is very fragile on first impression. And more often than not, a company’s website is that first contact point and your only chance to make a good first impression.

JASE answers quite a few requests for proposals each month for new website designs and website redesigns. Often times one of the first questions we receive after submitting the proposal is, “Why is a website from you better than a free website design?”

The truth is, a free website just cannot deliver the impact that a professionally designed website can. Free websites offer you basic features in cookie cutter form. They have minimal customization options such as color and image layout, which ultimately means that your website may look just like the website of the coffee shop down the street.

The Truth About Quality Web Design

Lead generation – A free website is usually not designed with lead generation in mind. What does this mean? There is a strategy to how a JASE website is designed that places lead generation at its focal point. Ultimately, your website wants to provide information about your business and lead potential customers to contact you. Strategically designing a website that navigates the potential customer to contact your business is an effective way to generate leads for your business.

Branding – Your website represents your brand. Your brand represents you. A free website with minimal customization cannot accurately reflect your business brand and identify what separates you from your competition. A quality JASE web design captures the values, practices, and characteristics that make your business successful and conveys those to your potential customers.

Creative advertising – Free websites are limited in their ability to creatively advertise for your business. Your business cannot effectively display portfolios or the creativity that your business brings to your products and services. Also, your website must be able to match the creativeness of your advertising campaigns. If you invest in a commercial, print or online advertising campaign and navigate your potential customers back to a landing page on your website that does not talk the same language of the ad, this more often than not discourages the potential customer from wanting to interact with you.

Content management – Free web designs can limit the number of pages in your website. They can limit the amount and types of content that can be on your website and usually must have its content updated by a professional or someone with a firm understanding of web design. A JASE CMS (content management system) web design offers you control over your website. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word then you have the knowledge and ability to update your website’s content with ease.

Search engines – Search engines want constant, freshly created content to promote to the top of their search engine results pages. Managing a blog is the easiest way to do that. JASE CMS websites inherently contain an integrated marketing blog. A JASE CMS website is also centered around the most current SEO practices that help promote your website to the top of the search engine results pages.

As you can tell from logical review of the advantages of the JASE CMS website, investing in a quality web design should be high on your priority list for your small business.

image credit: JASElabs on flickr

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