Third Party Applications Like Hootsuite May Be Decreasing Your Facebook Fan Engagement

Do you use third party applications to post to Facebook? Does your company rely on applications like Hootsuite to manage your business’ social media communities? Well the increased engagement with fans that is expected may not be what is happening.

New data is being released by EdgeRank Checker that states all updates to Facebook via a third party application like HootSuite or TweetDeck may actually decrease engagement with fans on average of 70%. EdgeRank Checker is a service that monitors Facebook’s algorithm, EdgeRank, that attempts to determine what is good content and bad content and deliver the most interesting content to the user. Facebook uses engagement as its primary factor, so the more engagement a post receives, the more visible it will be to the user.

Third party application usage is devalued by Facebook’s algorithm and therefore may be collapsed, or combined with other posts from the app, to reduce the visibility of your content in favor of content Facebook deems more important. Inevitably, disrupting the effectiveness of the social media marketing campaign.

Consequently, it is still more important to create original posts to Facebook, than solely relying on a third party application to create content. Although many expect Facebook to adapt its algorithm to account for the growth of use in third party applications, it may not be the right move to solely rely on third parties to deliver your important content to Facebook.

We use HootSuite religiously, does your company use a third party application to streamline its social media marketing campaign? Is the use of that application effective? Does it generate interactivity like you expect? Leave us a comment and let us know. Stay tuned to the JDM blog for more information on how to manage your social media strategies.

image credit: paulswansen on flickr

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