Yahoo! recently announced changes and additions that will help the company gain ground on their competitors, Google and Facebook. Yahoo! will be making major updates to its photo sharing site Flickr and has been approved to purchase the extremely popular blogging site Tumblr Inc.

The recent decline in traffic to Yahoo! websites is the driving force behind recent updates to the Yahoo! homepage, Yahoo! email, Flickr and its venture to purchase Tumblr.

Following the release of Yahoo!’s first quarter numbers, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! CEO, stated that the revitalization of Yahoo! would be a long-term project measured in years.

According to Mayer the upgrades to Flickr are expected to “make Flickr awesome again.” Here are a few highlights of the changes that have already been made.

  • Users will receive a terabyte of free storage, capable of storing approximately 530,000 high resolution photos.
  • Pictures can be easily shared across various social media communities.
  • The new Flickr interface, focused on images, will now have less copy or words and more images. The new look will compete with the photo-sharing social media community Instagram.

The $1.1 billion deal to purchase Tumblr is expected to help Yahoo! tap into a younger online audience. Here are a few facts about the Yahoo! and Tumblr deal.

  • Tumblr will continue to operate as a separate business. There will be no Yahoo! branding on the site.
  • More advertisements will be sold on Tumblr in an effort to “monetize.”
  • David Karp, CEO of Tumblr, reassured users that the Tumblr team wouldn’t change. He expects Yahoo!’s resources to help Tumblr become better faster.

JASE Group will continue to monitor the changes of Tumblr as the Yahoo! deal completes later this year. Changes on Flickr are now available. The changes are big and bright, appealing to users who were tired of all the copy and wanted to see more pictures.

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image credit: by The Last Paladin on Flickr  

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