When new social media opportunities arise it’s important for your brand to access the need to be a part of the network. Currently, Tumblr has risen as one of the up and coming blog websites. According to Tumblr, users have created more than 20 billion posts and 50 million blogs.

There are various different companies and brands using Tumblr to share content with followers. Fashion companies, media companies, and food connoisseurs have found their niche with Tumblr and are sharing tons of content with their followers.

Like most social media platforms Tumblr relies heavily on content. TumblrLinks, images, and video are popular content used by brands. On Tumblr, you know your content was a hit if you have followers and if your content has been reblogged. Similar to Facebook, if your followers like your content they can share it by reblogging and similar to Twitter if they enjoy your content they will follow your brands Tumblr.

An article from Ragan.com helped determine that the best way to decide whether or not your brand needs to be on Tumblr should be based on the following questions:

  • Does your brand have the resources to create content that would grab the attention of Tumblr users?
  • Is your brand’s target market using Tumblr and have they mentioned your brand or competition on their Tumblr pages?
  • How will Tumblr help you reach your target market?

Remember, Tumblr is not the best social media community to use to promote sales of your brand. Use the network to simply tell the story of your brand and how it relates to your consumers. Share links, videos, audio clips and images on Tumblr that will interest your audience. Content is key, if your brand can’t produce the content needed Tumblr may not be the social media network best for your brand.

 Content marketing is important for your brand but it can have different meanings with different applications. Does your business know how to effectively distribute its content? Get a leg up on content marketing and contact JASE to create content that fits the needs of your brand.

Tumblr logoimage credit: by Super Awesome Fairy Princess on flickr

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