Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk learned early on the value of branding. He entered into a contract early into his skating career for a business to use his likeness and name in the late 80’s and to him it didn’t really make sense. So from that point on he has guarded his assets closely and the brand of Tony Hawk is the one he wants you to see.

Check out Hawk’s interview on Behind the Brand:

As social media has expanded and become a viable asset for brands, Tony Hawk, the savvy businessman that he is, has capitalized. Hawk is one of the most avid celebrity users of social media, but he man’s his account personally. He wants the interaction with his fans to be authentic, but he also wants to control his brand image.

So what happens when you’re not a one man brand like Tony Hawk? How do you control your brand with your employees on social networks?

Tony Hawk can tweet for himself, but a larger business has to have people act as the brand in social networks. A larger business can have recognizable employees with personal social networks that can impact the brand. So a larger business must lay out the guidelines for employee conduct and stress the importance of the brand image to its employees.

These measures of control can be effective if your business defines a clear conduct policy, does quality background checks on employment, and uses events and engagement to cultivate the meaning and importance of the brand in their employees. Ultimately, if an employee has a value and pride about their job, more than likely they will not do anything to damage the brand.

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Tony Hawkimage credit: Joachim S. Muller on flickr

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