Microsoft BizSpark Highlights Tweetalicious For Its Shopping Deals Twitter Client

Microsoft BizSpark has a series called “The Spark of Genius Series” and its purpose is to highlight the unique feature of startups. The latest startup featured is a 6 man company out Pennsylvania called “Tweetalicious“. The startup’s product offering is a Twitter client designed to integrate Twitter users with all of the shopping deals that a particular user would be interested in, similar to the way HootSuite can filter Twitter content.

Tweetalicious has web and iPhone applications and can filter deals on user preferences like apparel type, designer, and even home or formal. The deals are refreshed every couple of days to make sure they are current and relevant.

The benefit of a software client like this is that many Twitter users are savvy shoppers. Sometimes these shoppers have problems with Twitter due to the massive amounts of content generated by Twitter users. As small business service providers, having the ability to take advantage of social media by creating applications and programs is critical to our clients’ success. Kudos to the guys at Tweetalicious for finding a niche and filling it with what looks to be a promising client.

How do you handle your Twitter feed? Do you use clients like HootSuite or TweetDeck to manage your content? Tweet us @jasegroup and let us know.

image credit: All Top Startups

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