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All social media networks are not for every organization however, Twitter does a great job supporting CEO’s and others in leadership roles as they help establish their brand’s voice on social media. There are many in leadership who feel like they don’t have time for Twitter, but the advantages of using the social network can be worth the time.

According to a brief in the Spring PR Strategist from PRSA, every CEO should have working knowledge of social media. Here are a few tips for CEOs and leadership at your business for Twitter:

  • Be genuine: Don’t be too serious, offer your personality and advice through each tweet.
  • Communicate with all your stockholders: Reach out to your entire audience; employees, consumers, and competition included.
  • Ask questions and answer questions: Twitter provides a great opportunity for CEOs and their stakeholders to engage in conversation, don’t miss the opportunity.
  • Engage, engage, engage: If all your tweets are just post about the brand you are missing the true essence of Twitter.
  • Find balance: If you tweet too much of the wrong thing you will lose followers, if you don’t tweet enough you will lose followers. Find a balance that works with your schedule.

If you need a great example, follow our CEO Keith on Twitter @parnellk63. If you have questions about your business and your social media plan contact JASE we can create a plan that works for your business.

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