Twitter is working hard to make sure their users stay happy and stay on Twitter. In the past couple of months Twitter has released a couple of new updates to its social community that have brought about great new features.

In a move to make sure every Twitter user can enjoy all the new features, Twitter announced last week that they have released the updates for their mobile website to serve a variety of needs.

If you’re accessing Twitter from a feature phone, low-bandwidth network, or an older desktop browser, is designed with you in mind.

The update is a solid move on Twitter’s part to make sure all Twitter users have the same level of access. Ease of access for the user is paramount for social networks. Twitter seems to have fewer complaints about their upgrades than their competitors when it comes to managing the user’s experience.

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Twitter Word Mashimage credit: Jefferey Turner on flickr

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  1. Duncan

    This is great news. Instead of users having to upgrade their phones, Twitter is altering it’s website, reducing the need for people to switch to smartphones. These is, and always will be, a huge feature phone market. Not everyone wants to pay for a smartphone. There is a bright future for low cost, feature phone operators like Tracfone.

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