David Clarke, CEO and co-founder of BGT Partners, wrote an article for Mashable recently detailing three potential changes to Twitter and what they could mean for your brand.

Here is a look at the three changes being discussed:

  1. Open Platform – Twitter will be joining the likes of Facebook and Apple by opening their platforms to third party developers. An open platform would allow brands to create a deeper interaction with their consumers through custom tailored experiences.
  2. T-Commerce – Speculation is that mobile payment is on the way in the form of a partnership with Square. It could be possible for one-click payment with your Twitter name based on your location.
  3. Contests and Sweepstakes – Twitter would roll out contests and sweepstakes for brand pages to create deeper brand engagement. This is not a new idea to Twitter, businesses have been doing this for some time. Now, these contests and sweepstakes would be promoted by Twitter.

If these potential changes to Twitter come to fruition, businesses will have more power to increase their brand, and more power to increase their customer engagement. Creating a custom tailored experience for your consumer with the open platform will increase your brand strength and speak more directly to the consumer. Contests and sweepstakes will reward your loyal consumers and could possibly gain more followers as the winners share their experiences with their friends. T-Commerce is the only potential change that might struggle to gain acceptance. The key for the consumer is always convenience, but would purchasing power through Twitter be desired? What do you think?

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Twitter XBOXimage credit: Scott Beale on flickr

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