Today’s celebrities allow fans into their private lives more than ever before, that’s why I was not shocked to read that singer Chris Brown has more Twitter followers than Nike, Starbucks, Disney and Whole Foods combined.

A great article from Ad Age’s Chris Copeland dives into the work Brown’s team has put into making him a social media phenomenon; but most importantly mentions that on Twitter, fans are more inclined to follow celebrities over companies.

The idea of having a conversation with a celebrity enthralls fans. To receive cooking advice from Rachel Ray simply by tweeting her, hearing post game commentary from Dwayne Wade, and tweeting with the Kardashians while watching the Kardashians is much more appealing than hearing about the latest espresso drink.

Realities for Big Brands:

  • Big brands are too big an entity to mimic the one-on-one relationship celebrity Twitter accounts offer fans.
  • Big brands lack appropriate engagement tactics to boost the attention of followers.
  • Big brands lack the spontaneity and conflict that celebrities offer. The interest is not there.

What does this mean for small businesses?

The opportunity to engage one-on-one with your followers is high. You live and work in the same communities, which makes it easier to discuss how your business can better serve your followers and the community. Stuck in traffic, they can relate, tweet about it and have a conversation. Invest in the time to host webinars, tweet-ups and gatherings in your area. Become a local celebrity for your followers. Not only will they be more inclined to follow you, but your  brand will also expand.

Are you ready to become the next big celebrity on Twitter in your community? Need help with social media campaigns? Contact JASE for help with your social media marketing plan.

TwitterBirdFollowMeimage credit: blue5ky on flickr


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