The growing social media network Twitter has recently partnered with MediTek to embed Twitter into smart feature phones. The new partnership will allow Twitter to be preloaded into phones, similar to Facebook, resulting in little to no effect on the memory of each cell phone.

There are more than 140 million users currently on Twitter and with the new partnership Twitter expects that number to continue to grow.

An increase in Twitter users creates a larger audience for your business to reach on Twitter.

MediaTek and Twitter are making cell phone users choice to join Twitter easier. Here are a few reasons why JASE believes your business should join Twitter as well.

  • Millennials spend a lot of time on Twitter. If your business is looking to market to millennials, it is helpful to understand where they are socializing and communicate with them there.
  • Twitter allows you to communicate your message in quick and concise messages.
  • Twitter allows you to engage with your consumers through two-way communication and appropriately placed content.
  • Marketing your business on Twitter allows you to reach a more diverse audience.
Social Media Marketing is only one small aspect of the perfect marketing plan for your business. Through a creatively crafted JASE social media marketing plan you can use Twitter to reach a broader audience and new consumers. Contact JASE to create your social media plan.

Cell Phonesimage credit: by caribb on flickr

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