Twitter is slowly rolling out its beta version of their advertising program. Currently the program is available to only 25% of Twitter users, but in a letter to prospective advertisers, it highlighted some of the reasons to advertise with Twitter and some of the associated costs.

Reasons to advertise with Twitter:

  1. 100+ million users, over 250+ million tweets per day.
  2. Strong engagement rate for all promoted products
  3. Access to Analytics Dashboard with tweet-level performance data.
  4. Verification of your company’s Twitter account.
  5. Existing users are already seeing 15x the impression volume compared to promoted tweets.

Costs & Qualifications to advertise with Twitter:

  1. Cost-per-follower = $2.50 – $4.00
  2. Cost-per-engagement = $0.75 – $2.50
  3. Twitter will have auctions for both CPF and CPE
  4. Must make a 3 month commitment
  5. $15k – $25k commitment
  6. Established Twitter presence; at least 50 tweets per account, and previous experience running SEM & Facebook campaigns

From a cost standpoint this certainly seems like a steep price for medium to small businesses to advertise for a beta program. For the large companies with mega Twitter followings this will be a slam dunk for social media marketing purposes. Time will tell the effectiveness with the program, but early results seem favorable.

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Twitter Graphicimage credit: Rosaura Ochoa on flickr

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