JASE Is Excited About The New Twitter Timeline Features - We Think They Will Enhance The User Experience - What Do You Think?

Twitter users will slowly start to notice subtle changes to their timeline. In an attempt to incorporate new features to the user’s interface, Twitter, has decided to roll out the new changes slowly and steadily starting with particular Twitter groups instead of having one mass version release. How we know this, of course, is that users that have already seen and used the new features are blogging about their experience.

New to Twitter’s timeline will be:

  • Easily Track Twitter Conversations – Simply hover over the tweet of interest and there will be an open button. Click the button and it will open a window with all corresponding tweets.
  • Media-Containing Links – Any tweet with a media link in it will now have the content expanded in the stream. I.e. a picture will display in your timeline instead of clicking a link to view image.
  • Retweet Display – Previously you were emailed when a tweet of yours was retweeted, now a horizontal display will appear with thumbnails of all who retweeted your tweet.
  • User Profile Display – In the past you clicked a username and it would open a window to the right of your timeline with information on the user. Now this window will pop out directly over your timeline, guaranteeing your are looking at who you want to see.

Twitter’s option to release this update is definitely an interesting one to us here at JASE. More than likely it is a way to gauge user acceptance, develop a growing interest, and eliminate the backlash that other social media communities have encountered previously when releasing one mass update.

Will the new features enhance or detract from your user experience? Tweet us @jasegroup and let us know what you think.

image credit: JASE Group

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