Anyone who uses Twitter today has come across a spammer of some sort. Whether it was a fake follower or fake account tweeting garbage on trending topics, we all have been exposed to some form of spam. The experience is not all the time, but when it occurs, it is most definitely irritating and it detracts from the user experience.

Well, Twitter has had enough. Twitter has had it with spammers and wants to send a message with the help of law enforcement. Late last week, the company filed lawsuits against five separate web tools and providers that allegedly make it easier to spam users on Twitter.

The defendants in the suit are TweetAttacks, TweetAdder, TweetBuddy, James Lucero of, and Garland Harris of

Twitter said, “Taking legal actions sends a clear message to all would be spammers that there are serious and costly consequences to violating our Rules with their annoying and potentially malicious activity.”

What will the lawsuit mean for the Twitter user experience?

This lawsuit and possible penalty for these alleged spammers will definitely increase the user experience on Twitter. Quality user engagement is always a plus and any Twitter user who does not have to be subjected to spammers will enjoy a better experience. It will remain to be seen if users will increase or return to Twitter after the pending lawsuit.

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Spam Shrineimage credit: arnold inuyaki on flickr

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