Twitter has long been the source to share information quickly and effectively in the social media world. What was lost in this medium was a business’ ability to effectively expose its users to its brand and subsequently lead generation which previously was diminished because shared content was temporary and sometimes confusing to decipher. Well businesses, last week Twitter threw us a bone, a rather large bone at that.

Twitter announced on its blog last week some changes to everyone’s user interface, but not as publicized was the creation of brand pages, that will significantly impact the way businesses use Twitter. Now, for the time being, these new brand pages are only available to select number of Twitter partners and Twitter advertisers. We, unfortunately will have to wait our turn, but lets take a look at the new brand pages and how they can benefit your business:


  1. Increased Brand Recognition – The increase comes via the large & customizable headers that now allow you to better display your logo and company tagline. Also, this allows for better separation from business and personal accounts.
  2. Ad Campaign Focus – In the past businesses tweeted specials or deals or ad campaigns only to have them wash after a short time due to fast content replacement, meaning you constantly have to promote a campaign. Now, you can feature a selected tweet for as long as you want to. This tweet is located above the timeline and can be paired with supporting video or picture.
  3. Tweet Separation – Now @replies and @mentions are separated, giving the business a better understanding of who is talking to them or just passing along the information.
  4. Tweet/Website Integration – Twitter now integrates with a website allowing owners to embed a tweet onto their website. This allows visitors the ability to favorite, reply and retweet without leaving the site. Meaning your website visitors stay on your website, where you want them.

I wrote a blog article several months ago about Twitter’s integration into Apple’s iOS5 (for the iPad and iPhone) and how this was the start of Twitter’s charge toward the social media throne. The article definitely started some interesting debate with many people siding that on the personal side, Twitter will never be Facebook. I will tell you this, from a business standpoint, this was a HUGE strategical move by Twitter. Some will argue that today Twitter is better than Facebook for business advertising. But with the launch of their brand pages, when available to everyone, this business-centric feature will definitely put Twitter on top … for a while.

Is social media marketing lost on your business? Do you invest time and energy to have a social media presence but with limited results? Sit down with JASE today and let us help you better understand your social media marketing strategy and how it can help your business be more successful.

New JASE Twitter Timelineimage credit: JASE Group


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