In December Twitter rolled out a new interface for mobile users at The interesting choice for Twitter was that they did not roll out the update to all users, instead deciding to roll out the update selectively to users over time.

Last week on Twitter’s blog, they announced that 3 months later the new interface is finally visible to everyone. So we thought if you were a Twitter user, had not viewed the update yet, and had not heard of the new features that we would recap them for you.

New to the Twitter interface are:

  • Click on any tweet in your timeline to expand it to see photos, videos, retweets, favorites, and more.
  • “Connect” is the new feature to keep conversations going. You can see who tweeted you, mentioned you, followed you, and more.
  • Discover allows you to see useful and entertaining information based on your interests. It is based on your location, who you follow, and what is happening around the world.
  • Twitter Brand Pages – Exponentially increase your brand exposure and marketability with these new brand pages for your business.

So if you were part of the final group to receive the new Twitter update, now you can dive in and experience it first hand.

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Twitter Logo In The Sandimage credit: Rosaura Ochoa on flickr

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