Have you downloaded the latest version of your official Twitter mobile app? If you have, you may have noticed the changes to your app, especially the push notifications which, depending on your feelings towards new alerts may be a good or bad response.

Through its company blog, Twitter announced three major upgrades to the new Twitter mobile app.

Discover: What was once an odd new feature (in my personal opinion and the opinion of some of the folks I follow) has been redesigned. The app allows you to read the article and tap on the story and see all tweets related to the article as well as join in the conversation that is trending. The Discover section also includes an Activity section, which shows the activities of the people you follow including favorited tweets and retweets.

Search: Twitter has made searching easier by providing suggestions for the user based on spelling and similar inquiries.  In the connect tab, searching for people is now easier because the name will auto-complete.

Notifications: New push notifications have been added to the mobile apps to alert you to new followers, retweets and favorited tweets. You can adjust the notifications based on your need to stay connected.

What do changes to Twitter mean for your business?

For businesses on Twitter, using the mobile app is a great way to monitor and engage with followers of your organization and brand. It is important to stay connected and the new notifications can help make you aware of what your followers are doing. If you are having a hard time keeping up with what’s going on in Twitter land the Discover tab will quickly get you up to pace.

Any help with staying connected to your consumers is a good thing. The subtle, yet useful changes to Twitter mobile app will be beneficial for business and personal use. Tell JASE what you think about the changes below in the comments. Thanks and please share the link with your followers and friends.

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