Use Excel 2016 like a boss

We ran across some great new info on Excel from the Microsoft Office blog that we thought we’d pass along.

Have you ever wanted to manage your time like a CEO, understand your cashflow like a CFO or analyze your NASDAQ stock performance like a Wall Street pro? Executives get a lot of help from others to build insights, and now Excel 2016 can do the same for you with a few clicks.

Manage your time like a CEO
The My Calendar Insights tour seamlessly connects to your Exchange account and surfaces how much time you spend in meetings, who you meet with the most, who you do not meet very often and the times of the day you frequently meet.

Analyze your NASDAQ stock performance like a Wall Street pro
Using freely available NASDAQ historical data, the My Stock Analysis tour allows you to quickly analyze and compare the performance of three symbols over a selected period of time. If you like, you can also easily customize it to look the way you want.

Get insights about your year-over-year cashflow like a CFO
Once you are done entering your expenses and income to a dedicated table in the My Cashflow tour, it immediately provides you with year-over-year insights to help you balance your home or business budget and meet your financial goals.

Learn more on Excel here on the Microsoft Office blog.

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