When a crisis occurs many companies like to forget the fact that they use social media every day. One of the biggest mistakes any company can make during a company crisis is cutting off communication through social media platforms, essentially cutting off communication to a large segment of the consumers you serve.

In a crisis communication situation, small businesses and large corporations should make sure that all messages coming from the organization are clear and available on all platforms available to its consumers.

Ideas to discus before the crisis hits.

First to know: Be the first to alert your social media network. Your fans and followers shouldn’t have to learn about your company’s crisis through the grape vine. As soon as your company has established a response and a plan of action communicate it to the public.

Website: Place the information where your consumers will look. Make sure your website, blog and other social media networks acknowledge the crisis. Those looking for the information will go directly to those areas.

Social media: Make Facebook and Twitter posts clear when posting information about the crisis. Take time to monitor conversations about the organization and the crisis. Monitoring will help debunk myths about the crisis and help control messages going to the public regarding the situation.

Blogging: Use your blog to address all of your stakeholders including employees and media. Your blog can be used as the company’s voice of record. A Ragan article mentioned 10 ways blogging can help manage a crisis.

  • Offer a quick response following the crisis situation.
  • Give quick and timely updates to the situation.
  • Provide media relations when it becomes difficult to reach media outlets.
  • Make corrections to incorrect information that is available to the public.
  • Update stakeholders to post-crisis information.

Crisis situations do occur, understanding your social media networks and ways to use them in every situation, will best prepare you for the crisis.What is your business’ policy for crisis situations? Leave a comment below and let us know. Want more help planning your crisis response plan? Contact JASE.

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