Many consulting agencies have many varying views of video marketing and video blogging. But one thing is for sure – understanding your audience is a must.

Are you video blogging for your friends and family?
Are you video blogging for your current clients?
Are you video blogging as business development for potential clients?

Performing demographic and socialgraphic research first to understand if and how you should market your video assets is a must.

Here is a list of pros and cons of video blogging to get us started on the right track.

Pros of Video Blogging

  1. Visuals, as opposed to plain text (blogging), do excite a lot of blog readers.
  2. Video naturally encourages word-of-mouth traffic.
  3. Some people (bloggers) can talk better than they can write.
  4. Video assists strongly in building your visual brand.
  5. Video blogging still holds a uniqueness factor. The majority of bloggers are not producing video.
  6. Video can set you apart from the crowd of others in your vertical.
  7. Video is much more personal than text blogging.
  8. Video blogging reaches additional online channels such as YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo, Blip.TV, Ustream.TV, Qik, etc.

Cons of Video Blogging

  1. If you are self-hosting your video blog, server space can be expensive for serving up video.
  2. Video shooting is much more difficult and complex than text blogging.
  3. Video blogging can be very time consuming.
  4. Video equipment could be expensive, depending on the scale of your shoots and production.
  5. Video blogging requires much more preparation time than text blogging.
  6. Videos are not optimal for search engines (SEO).
  7. Not all viewers like to watch video.
  8. Not all viewers can watch video. Think government installations, large corporations, educational institutions that do not allow video (flash) plugins to be installed on their workstations.

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