Walmart is always in the news and while it may not always be for the best reasons, there is no doubt that Walmart understands their consumers. Walmart has provided their consumers with a brand that continues to tailor itself to fit the needs of its consumers especially as the economy changes.

One of the most recent changes Walmart has made is to allow customers to order products online and pay with cash in the store. The program was established based on Walmart’s study of their customer base. According to a TechCrunch article, Walmart discovered that the majority of its in-store transactions are cash or debit, and only 15% are paid through credit cards. A survey of its consumers also revealed that over two-thirds would use cash as an online payment method if the option was available.

Now, Walmart customers will be able to select an item from online, add it to their cart and checkout as they normally would; however, at checkout consumers will have the option to select pay cash. To pay for the order, customers will print out their order form or write down their order number and go to a local Walmart store. Once there, the customer can pay cash for their product and take it home or they can have it delivered to their home.

The program is a simple and compassionate effort on the behalf of Walmart to meet the needs of consumers that are without bank accounts or credit and debit cards. Unfortunately, with the current state of the economy those numbers are still high.

How Can You Meet The Needs of Your Consumers?

A large part of branding your organization as one that cares about its consumers and meets the needs of consumers your organization will have to take time to understand your consumers. If your business is local pay attention to what is happening in your community and how it is affecting your consumers. Some cities have been changed by job loss and changes in industry. Understanding your consumers, the community in which they reside, as well as their personal situations will make your brand compassionate. It’s hard to ignore a business that empathizes and invest in its consumers.

Branding goes beyond marketing and design. Branding is also based on the relationship between your business and your customers. Contact JASE to get learn more about brand management and ways to connect with your consumers. Also, share some of your thoughts about the new Walmart feature below.

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